School Information

FINE ARTS LESSONS:  Through a new collaboration between our district and the Children’s Creative Project, we are able to offer our homeroom classes 10 art lessons and 10 dance lessons this year.  These lessons are happening now, and the students are really enjoying these new opportunities for self-expression.

ESL CLASSES FOR ADULTS:  This year marks the return of evening classes for adults who are learning to speak English.  Classes are held at Miller on Monday and Wednesday nights, at 6:00 p.m.  Now that additional funding is coming to our district, this is a great opportunity for our parents.  For more information, contact our district’s Migrant education office.

ATTENDANCE UPDATE:  Through the first month of school, Miller attendance has been excellent.  Nearly every day it has been over 97% with several days over 98%.  We have recorded the highest percentage in our district on two of those days!  There is a direct connection between regular attendance at school and student success.  Thank you for making sure your children attend school daily, on time.